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Our Store - "The Shop"

Short Introduction:

Hi, I'm Ed the owner and operator of Clear Water Aquarium; You'll see me at the store most Mondays-Saturday.  I'm a fish enthusiast that took my studies and my hobby and made it my profession.  I previously managed a larger fish store in the Sacramento area before relocating to the South Bay where I began growing and selling coral from my garage while providing aquarium service.  In 2017 I went brick and mortar.

Brief History:
Clear Water Aquarium now resides in the previous location of Tropical Fish International.  Topical Fish International was owned and operated by Irene who ran this location as a fish store for 30 years providing excellent care information and goods at a reasonable price.  Irene passed away however her fish store lives on in a new form. 


The current store has been 100% updated since Irene passed away.  We have an equal focus on both freshwater and saltwater tanks boasting over 125 sq ft of coral flats, over 20 tanks dedicated to saltwater fish and over 34 tanks for freshwater fish not including displays and shrimp tanks.  We are a small location but all the same we receive livestock shipments every Tuesday (handpicked specimens), Wednesday, additionally every other Tuesday, and a direct Indonesian import every other Thursday as well as a direct Vietnam and Tonga Import every other Thursday:  We receive new fish, coral, plants and invertebrates constantly and are willing to cater to your wants and needs.  We will special order pretty much anything legal as well as most all brand name dry goods.

We excel at giving honest advice.  We carry only the items we believe in - not just the products that are good for our wallets.  We will call you out from time to time in a nice way - if you have an issue like ammonia in your water we will not sell you a fish until the issue has been resolved.  But we will try our hardest to help you resolve the issue.  Our approach is that as much as we are here for you we are also here for the livestock we're responsible for. 


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